On location . . . In the studio

GRP At Joe Gibbs Racing in Charlotte NC



GRP is staffed and equipped to shoot just about any type of on location production. We've provided gear and staff for multi-camera concert productions as well as one camera "run-and-gun" productions. We've traveled the country doing one-on-one interviews with a small road crew and shot an entire international beauty pageant for broadcast television. All that to say, give us a call no matter how big or small and we'll make it happen for you!


Editing Is Where The Magic Really Happens!


There is a lot that happens between shooting and getting a final product. Typically the editing can be a make or break process. It's success rests squarely on the skills of the editor. At the core is telling the story - what to leave in what to leave out. Then come the decisions of which take is the best performnce, the best camera move, the best lighting, the best audio. Then there are options like color enhancement, graphics, and effects. With decades of editing experience we make your project shine!