Rooms to go

We spent the better part of a week running prompter for Cindy Crawford and Rooms To Go. It was a huge budget production with Cannonball from California. We were contracted because we had one of the only high bright 24 inch lens view teleprompters in the USA. At times she was 30 feet away on the beach!


Terri matern music video

Terri and Doug Matern are a husband and wife songwriting and performing team. They came to us needing a music video for a song called "I Never Tried So Hard" that really begged to be shot in the rain. We designed and fabricated some rain simulators specifically for the location shoot . . . then the whole thing was shot on one SUNNY Florida day. We used a drone for some dramatic shots and rain and effects were added in editing.


The invictus games

invictusSage Foundation brought us in to help with teleprompters for the Invictus games at the ESPN Wide World of Sports at Walt Disney World. The opening ceremony was attended by Prince Harry, First Lady Michelle Obama, former American President George W. Bush and many other dignitaries.

The Invictus Games are an international Paralympic-style multi-sport event, created by Britain's Prince Harry, in which wounded, injured or sick armed services personnel and their associated veterans take part in sports including wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball, and indoor rowing.

Sabal Trail Transmissions

pipelineSabal Trail Transmission is the entity installing gas pipeline from here to Alabama. Workers in all aspects of the project have to go through involved education including environmental training. We video recorded numerous live training events and extracted several specific training modules from them. This provides cost effective and uniform dissemination of content to multiple locations.

bishop Grady villas

BGVProducing videos for worthwhile charities is one of our favorite things. We once again produced the annual fund raising video for Bishop Grady Villas. Bishop Grady Villas supports persons with disabilities to use their God-given gifts to achieve greater independence, physical and emotional well-being, and spiritual growth. We empower these individuals from throughout Central Florida to reach their full potential through Christ-centered, personalized and wholistic residential, vocational and employment services, and community support.

Hillary for America

HillaryNo matter what side of the isle you come down on, it's a pretty big deal to be hired to work for the potential President of the USA . . . especially something as critical as teleprompter! We were called to prompt for both Hillary and Jim Kaine.

Positive steps counselling

PSCPositive Steps Counselling in Longwood needed a web video to tell their story. I sat with owners Debbie and Scot independently for an hour each on the green screen. After getting their backstory and exploring their passion for what they do, we edited a powerful video cutting between the two. We then keyed it into images of their offices.


We had the honor of editing a couple worthwhile charity Public Service Announcements for Brighthouse: "Rivalry Love" and "Camp Boggy Creek". The one for "Camp Boggy Creek" has been running all summer.


The living truth fellowship

For one whole week we hosted John Lynn and The Living Truth Fellowship for several teaching series. This was a total green screen production with 3 cameras. Art director Franco Bottley modified several of our virtual sets to define the look of each class. We also hosted an audience of about 30 to give life to the teaching. Here are some freeze frames from that production.


Red Lobster Team Member of the Year

RedLLobsterRed Lobster has an annual “Team Member of the Year” awards gala. They brought in staff members from all over the country and we conducted interviews with them, recorded the event and edited several products to be used nationwide.

Princess Mia Productions

princess miaPrincess Mia Productions (Mia-Talia Autumn Lowe) recorded her motivational program for release on DVD called “How To Rule Your World”. We put her on a virtual set that we custom edited to match her corporate colors and design. The entire project was live-switched, edited and completed in a half day.

Eddie Rose Awards

altamonteEvery year The City of Altamonte celebrates those who give to the community including volunteers, partners and sponsors. The 31st Annual Eddie Rose Awards was themed “A Night of Superheros”. We scheduled time in our studio to shoot all the presenters on our green screen and edit them into the video featured at the event. Along with cartoon graphics and superhero music themes the show really sparkled!


yugiyoYu-Gi-Oh Worlds 2016 Tournaments and events was an interesting project. We did teleprompting for live voice-over competitions. Yu-Gi-Oh is a Japanese fantasy world-wide card and comic series with a “Yu-ge” following.


temenosBlair Rhue,  consultant for Temenos Group AG in Geneva, Switzerland completed the monthly compliance webinar for international web distribution. Blair records the audio and we do the audio editing, processing and power point syncronization.


Cecil's company has developed a child safety product called the "Refuge". The system totally prevents children from being left in a car unattended. Cecil has the provisional patent and is using the video he produced to obtain crowd funding to move it to the prototype stage. Cecil's vision is to have this manufactured into every car.


GRP has been producing media for Employment Technologies in Winter Park for over 20 years. ETC specializes in simulations for training in many fields including banking. Chris Hurt, seen here, is recording voices for three of ETC's products. Our last project with ETC we provided a cast of about 8 Spanish voice actors to provide a dual language product. GRP then took the existing cartoon animation and edited it so all the lips originally synced in English would match the new Spanish. It was quite a fun project!


We had the pleasure of producing the 2016 Chairman of the Board video in assocition with Jeanine Chmela, Director of Multimedia Services and the IIA video staff. In an effort to have a unique look, we decided on a studio shoot that is partially green screen. Surrounding a round riser with the IIA logo on it, we hung green panels between 10ft high white columns. The panels are then able to be used as a panarama spanning the entire set or individual panels with different images on them. We used both our jib for a high angle shot and the spider dolly for a slow truck in front of the set. On both of these shots our editor Kristy jones did motion tracking so the background images matched the camera moves. The result is quite impressive! The video will be shown all over the world to present Chairman Angela Witzany's theme for 2016, "Audit Never Sleeps".