The best of digital . . . the best of vintage

We have almost 1000sq,ft of recording space!

At GRP we have carefully selected the best of analog and the best of digital to help a make your recording a masterpiece. We've seen a lot of changes in audio and music production through the years. The technology alone is staggering. What's interesting is that much of the early analog audio equipment still has an edge on much of the newer digital gear. It becomes a question of what equipment works best for a particular recording. When it comes to performance, those elements of craft, style and energy will always be critical. After all, you'll only have a few seconds to make a good impression!


We record on Protools and own the latest plugins for the best mixes and mastering. Our studio is 22'w x 45'l x 14'h so we can record a whole band live with great isolation. We also have a large iso room. GRP is one of the few studios in the area that has a Hammond B3 and 122 Leslie - nothing sounds quite like it!